Rotary Club Raises $8,155 for Alzheimer Research Fundraiser

C.A.R.T Fundraiser Board Member Ron Farsetti is happy to report that our club was well represented at the C.A.R.T. Fundraiser Gala in Charleston on July, 23. 2017.  More importantly, our club members contributed $8,155 to the event and $7355 went to the C.A.R.T. Fund.  This in addition to the funds we collect every week at our meetings.  Personal contributions were made by :

Scott Hamlin     Joe Chappell     Terry Herron     Jim Collett     Peter Brougham-Cook     Lisa Laudermilch


John Liundin     Bob Eberly        Robert Eberly    Rex Garniewicz    Paul Hietman            Dave Crespan


Shiela Duffy      Mike Jukovsky   Hank Noble       Bob Oetjen         Glenn Stanford        Mario Incorvia


Tom Trout         David Tirard     Bob McClune     Ron Farsetti