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Salvation Army Bell Ringing

Our annual commitment to the Salvation Army is upon us, so the time to sign up is now. We don’t ask for your money, just your time, and it’s very little to devote to such a great organization that does so much for people who have so much less than we do. Do your part and sign up for multiple shifts to be sure we maximize the opportunities to interact with the shopping public and motivate them to donate what they can and often! First ones to sign up get the best selection of shifts.

Need Help?? If you are not computer conversant, choose your day, time, and venue. Let Dean Roberts or Jim Deas know your choices.

Ringing the Bell!

From age 6 to age 90, the Rotary Community pulls together to support the Salvation Army!

2015 Bell Ringing Results Over The Top!

Our bell ringing efforts this year exceeded all previous years on record with a grand total of $29,415.15!! Here’s some fun facts:

  • Highest day total collections-12/23 with $3947.24.
  • Highest day location-Sam’s Club 12/12-$1226.79.
  • Highest total location-Sam’s Club with $5404.46.
  • Second place location-Teeter North with $5393.37.
  • Average daily collections-$2674.10.
  • Most number of Shifts-David/Susan Tirard at 15.

So, if you’re wondering what impact your efforts had, these numbers show our collective success.

Thanks to our Day Captains Karen Simmons, David Tirard Mary Noonan, Joe Chappell, John Boretti, Jeni Bilek, Hugh O’Kane, Charlie Rey, Robert Metzger, Ward Kirby, Karen Cully, Denny Nelson, Dave Crespan, Helen Ryan, and John Howe.

Kudos to Bill Grand who got our on-line registration system working; and to Mike Jukofsky for making sure all equipment was out and for interfacing with the Salvation Army.

And, to our fabulous co-chairs Jim Deas and Bob McClune, who made it all happen with their selling, motivating, cajoling, pleading, calling, etc. Jim says Bob should get a year’s worth of make-ups!! Thanks to all who participated.

Contact the Rotary Office:


Phone: (843) 686-4100